Monday, January 18, 2010


I’ve been into yoga lately. I’m not a freak about it, I just like what it does to my body and how I feel afterwards. The most annoying thing about yoga is the yoga teacher. Some of them take it way too seriously. Get a grip – it is yoga. “Prahna” in this Forgetting Sarah Marshall deleted scene embodies the most annoying characteristics about yoga teachers. She is hilarious. I like the end when Jason Segel’s character says, “I’m doing a handstand motherf#@r!”.

Luckily, most of my teachers so far have been great and nothing like “Prahna”.


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

East Texas House Flip - Before

My uncle, Charlie Ham, is a house flipper out in Palestine, Texas. He has really great taste and a good eye for what works and what doesn’t work on a house flip. While visiting family at Thanksgiving, I got to tour his latest purchase. It is straight out of “Mad Men”. These are the “before” pictures. I can’t wait to see what he does with this house!

It sits on a 1.5 acre treed lot. This is a winter time picture, so you can imagine the yard in full bloom.



The interior is original 1950’s. Check out the vintage stove.


For a small kitchen, it has a lot of cabinet storage.

DSC02421 DSC02444


This is a neat banquette.


This wallpaper was probably the hip thing in 1955.


Close up of the wallpaper.


Ok – here’s the “Mad Men” kitchen set. Same countertops and style of cabinets.



The living room / dining room combo.



This is a little tv room / den. This exact paneling is in the “Mad Men” tv room.


DSC02431 The only full bathroom.

DSC02432 One of the two bedrooms.


This wallpaper looks like something you might see now but it is original to the home.

DSC02433 DSC02436

The second bedroom. More wallpaper…




This is a little half bath. I guess it was designed so that one could sit on the toilet and wash hands at same time?


The neighborhood is really pretty. This is the home next door.



Stay tuned for the “after” photos.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can’t Get Enough Devendra Banhart


Born in Texas, raised in Venezuela, studied in California at the San Francisco Art Institute, adored by many – this is Devendra Banhart.  His music is different than any other’s.  His voice ranges from sexy to silly to far-out to what the #@!*?  Listen and love…


Check out my previous post on Devendra to hear “Carmensita”.  The video features once girlfriend, Natalie Portman. Devendra’s  mother is Venezuelan, his father American and his name Indian.  You can definitely feel the different influences in his music. 


Another good one…



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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

“French Navy” – Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura of Scotland is one of my new favorite bands. I don’t know anyone else that sounds like them. Their sound is retro but still relevant. This is a great song and video.

Spoiler alert: relationship goes bad.

I promise to do some decor related posts soon. I’m just more interested in music right now.